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Been a while

  • Wednesday, July 08 2015 @ 11:49 AM UTC
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General News
This site has been down for a few months after the power supply broke. The server running the site was in Finland and well, I live in Canada, so it was hard to fix. I got the server finally to Canada, and yesterday I went and bought brand new shiny power supply. Seemed my initial diagnostics about failed power supply was correct indeed, since everything seems to work after I got it replaced. Except all domains I had running are still maintained by Finnish ISP, so still some more work to do.

I have amazingly complex configuration on my server which is based on few virtual servers running Linux and OpenBSD servers. I have email server, web server, VoIP server, chat server, database servers and probably something I already forgot. The gateway for everything is running on very old virtualized Linux server, which is acting as gateway also for the host. There is a lot of historical reasons for this one of the biggest being I'm too lazy to do any major changes at the time. And I like it the way it is. These virtual servers use to be physical servers and they have been running over decade now without any major problems.

My plan is to move most of the things to hosted environment. This site being the first. Now I was actually forced to upgrade the blog platform as well, but it was probably time to do that anyway after 10 or so years.This was the easiest. Currently I'm backing up about 100Gb data. Photos mainly. I was pretty amazed, that I actually had working backups in the first place, but I just checked, and yes, I did. I always expected hard drive to break first, but no, it was power supply this time.

This text is my first blog post on this particular site for about seven years. My intention is not to become any more active, since I rather write to my running blog and when ever I feel like it, I should spend more time on writing professional blog posts. But you never know. Maybe finding replacement for Gallery2 and Geeklog is topic I would find interesting to write about. After getting use to Wordpress, I don't think Geeklog makes much sense. I never really liked it that much either. Gallery2 seems to be out of support, and upgrading to Gallery3 wouldn't change anything. So I'm thinking witching to combination of Wordpress and Koken.