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Curriculum Vitae

Tapio Väättänen - Currivulum Vitae


Name: Tapio Väättänen
WWW: http://tapio.väättänen.fi


My current employer

Technical Account Manager, Netezza 02.04.2012 - to date. Hands-on technical support for Netezza key accouns. Education on new features and be st practices focusing on performance management, application design and overall usage of the appliance.

Senior Data Warehouse Specialist, Netezza 29.04.2011 - 01.04.2012. Consultation and support for proof of concept and sales activities in Nort h America main focus on migrating from competitive technologies to Netezza Data Warehouse Solutions. Preparing and delivering technical presentation s about Netezza for existing Netezza customers and prospects. Netezza hardware installations and deployments.

DB2 Solutions Migration Consultant 23.08.2010 - 28.04.2011. Acting as a database consultant for world wide DB2 customers focus on migrating d atabases from competitive technologies to DB2. Educate and instruct DB2 customers especially on high availability, performance tuning and disaster r ecovery solutions.

p> DB2 Specialist 06.11.2006 - 22.08.2010. Supporting and consulting Finnish DB2 customers focusing on high availability, performance tuning and disaster recovery solutions. Educating and instructing DB2 customers. Planning and performing large scale DB2 migrations.

DataInfo Solutions

Technical Project Manager 22.5.2006 - 03.11.2006. I worked in Technical Services as a Techical Specialist. I took care of VMware Virtual Infrastructure environments including design, implementation and installations for our customers. I was involved in projects implementing Mobile Solutions like Nokia Business Center and Fromdistance MDM. Because of my strong experience in UNIX/Linux and Database environments I participated in projects covering these areas as well. Besides purely technical hands on tasks I participated in pre-sales, took care of project time tables, documentation and resource allocation.

Leading Nordic IT distributor

Database Specialist 29.3.2004 - 21.5.2006. I worked in database support services for DB2 and Informix giving support for our customers running databases in different UNIX and Windows environments. I was also working as a UNIX Specialist giving support services for our customers. I designed VMware Virtual Server environments, gave support and took care of VMware installations. I participated in implementing centralized SAN storage solutions on Linux, UNIX, Windows and VMware ESX environments. I designed, implemented and maintained backup systems (HP DP, Veritas, CA ARCServe) for our customers.

Cornelder de Mozambique, Beira, Mozambique

IT Consultant (contract) 18.08 - 18.12.2003. My main responsibilities were to implement secure transferring methods for CdM extranet services; analyse and fix CdM’s logistic network and application services; optimize and document database environment; debug and fix WLAN environment; analyze, optimize and document server platform configuration; participate in disaster recovery solution; design and implement e-mail solution over VSAT link based on MS Exchange and Linux environments; design and implement Firewall solution consisting transparent Web Proxy to optimize network usage.

Trio Network Solutions

System Specialist 27.05 - 18.12.2002. Trio is concentrated in providing PBX solutions for mobile operators. I worked at R&D where I maintained and developed development environment. I also participated in customer deliveries and maintained production environments. Trio’s PBX solution consists of two or more of HP-UX clusters, Sun SS7 nodes, Cisco telephone switches and the communication network between those and customer LAN. Most of my work included designing, building, maintaining and troubleshooting all parts of the systems. I also acted as a third party application specialist taking care of Informix database environment.

Riot Entertainment Ltd bankruptcy holder

Team Leader 04.04 - 26.04.2002. My main responsibility was to maintain the gaming network and the applications for mobile operators with minimum costs and maximum efficiency. To achieve this goal, there was need to do major changes in network and routing configurations as for server and database setups. I was one of the key persons to provide needed information for companies that were keen to buy parts of RIOT-E gaming network and applications.

Riot Entertainment Ltd

System Specialist 01.02.2001 - 03.04.2002. I started off by specializing in the design and implementation of gaming network and server design based on the HP-UX and the Linux platforms. The gaming network was built on Cisco routers, Frame Relay and Internet connections taking advantage of VPN solutions when needed. I've also designed and implemented a backup system for the RIOT-E production network. I acted as a project manager while building network connections to mobile operators. This required strong knowledge of SMS and network protocols as good understanding of different network components including Cisco routers, Firewalls and Switches. Fluent communication skills were a big advantage while communicating with all major international mobile operators. My other responsibilities consisted of acting as a lead UNIX Administrator, taking care of security, testing SMS software on different UNIX environments (Solaris, Linux, HP-UX), installing and monitoring WAP, WEB and SMS products. I also acted as a support person for database team and optimized Oracle database environments.


System Specialist 21.05.1999 - 31.01.2001. In the beginning my job was to start and create the Linux server system product family for small and medium size companies. Those included OS, HW and third party SW with the support and education for Linux administrators. While continuing on the Linux project I started creating similar product offered by Connectus for Nokia WAP Server running on NT, Solaris and HP-UX including support and education for end users. Meantime my work included teaching and support for HP-UX, AIX and SCO UNIX administrators. I also consulted customers how to improve their network infrastructure, security and server design, ran projects and took care of time schedules.

L M Ericsson

Designer starting at summer of 1995 during my studies till end of autumn 1998. I worked at SW mobile section designing AXE10 digital telephone exchanges on Sun Solaris developing environment and conversing test instructions. Later I involved in HW and SW designing of embedded solution of VoIP router for Motorola Quick processor on Sun Solaris developing environment.


IBM Redbooks Residency - IBM Toronto Lab, Canada (7-8/2009)

Co-author of IBM Redbooks publication DB2 Virtualization ISBN: 0738433438, IBM Form Number: SG24-7805-00

IBM Redbooks Residency - IBM ITSO San Jose Center, CA, USA (8-9/2007)

Co-author of IBM Redbooks publication DB2 Workload Manager for Linux, UNIX, and Windows ISBN: 0738485381, IBM Form Number: SG24-7524-00


THE Open GROUP Certified IT Specialist - 2008

IBM Certified Advanced Database Administrator
DB2 9 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows - 2011

IBM Certified Specialist - Netezza Performance Software v6 - 2011

IBM Certified Database Administrator
DB2 9 for Linux, UNIX and Windows - 2008

IBM DB2 pureScale Technical Professional v1 - 2011

IBM Netezza Technical Mastery Professional v1 - 2011

IBM Certified Database Administrator
DB2 Universal Database V8.1 for Linux, UNIX and Windows - 2005

IBM Certified Database Associate
DB2 Universal Database V8.1 Family - 2005

VMware Certified Professional (VCP) - 2006

Fujitsu Siemens Certified System Engineer - 2006

Fujitsu Siemens Certified Support Engineer - 2006


IBM, Las Vegas, NV, US: Information on Demand Technical Conference 2011 - Hands on labs and presentations about new information management techologies - 2011

IBM Netezza, Marlborough, MA, US: Developer Course for IBM Netezza Analytics - 2011

IBM, Toronto, Canada: IBM Netezza Bootcamp - 2011

IBM, Toronto, Canada: Netezza - NPS Appliance Advanced Concepts 6.0 - 2011

IBM, Toronto, Canada: Netezza - NPS Appliance Usage 6.0 - 2011

IBM, Helsinki, Finland: Project Management Fundamentals 2010

IBM, Helsinki, Finland: Project Management Orientation - 2010

IBM, Rome, Italy: Information on Demand Technical Conference 2010 - Hands on labs and presentations about new information management techologies - 2010

IBM, Hague, Neterlands: Information on Demand Technical Conference 2008 - Hands on labs and presentations about new information management techologies. 2008

IBM, Helsinki, Finland: Relational Database Design and technical planning CF18AFI - 2007

IBM, Helsinki, Finland: High Performance Design for DB2 UDB for Linux, UNIX, Windows DB2MH2FI - 2007

IBM, Helsinki, Finland: DB2 UDB Performance Tuning and Monitoring Workshop CF41FI - 2007

IBM, London, UK: DB2 UDB Advanced Recovery for Single Partition Databases CF49N7GB - 2007

IBM, Helsinki, Finland: DB2 SQL Workshop for Experienced Users CF13AFI - 2006

Tieturi Helsinki, Finland - HP Integrity Server Multi-OS Installation & Deployment 2006

Tieturi Helsinki, Finland - Planning & Design of HP Integrity Entry-level Server Solutions ­ 2006

Tieturi Helsinki, Finland - Implementing MSA Storage Solutions - 2006

Fujitsu Siemens - Fit for PRIMERGY Maintenance - 2006

Fujitsu Siemens - Fit for PRIMERGY Installation - 2006

IBM, Helsinki, Finland: DB2 Universal Database Advanced Administration Workshop CF45 - 2005

IBM, London, UK: DB2 Universal Database Administration Workshop for UNIX CF21 - 2005

IBM, Helsinki, Finland: DB2 SQL Workshop CF12 - 2005

IBM, Helsinki, Finland: DB2 Family Fundamentals CF03 - 2005

VMware, Espoo, Finland: VMware Administration I - II - 2004

HP, Helsinki, Finland: UNIX Fundamentals - 2002

HP, Helsinki, Finland: MC ServiceGuard - 2002

Hawkware Training, Helsinki, Finland: Nokia Security Administrator - 2001

First Hop, Helsinki, Finland: First Hop Message Gateway for SMSCs - 2001

IT Education Centre, Helsinki, Finland: TCP/IP on Microsoct Windows NT MOC 688 - 2000

IT Education Centre, Helsinki, Finland: Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Enterprise Technologies MOC 689 - 2000

HP Training Centre, Grenoble, France: Nokia WAP Server - 2000

Teleware, Helsinki, Finland: netViz, basics - 2000

Dimon Software, Copenhagen, Denmark: Waporizer Basics Course - 2000


Finnish: Native
English: Excellent
Swedish: Good
Portuguese: Basics

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