Everything here is so simple and deadclean, you don't like what you see.

Just like clockworks when all you wish is to go backwards. Men can't fight with gravity.

It's always the same. What the world needs today is a heartattack.

Don't wanna feel safe but there is no place that changes all the time, keeps me alert and moving.


You say "hey man, give me something I can not understand" I' m not a saint, I don't want to change I just wanna figure out all by myself

A suckerbunch right at the frontdoor, when a new day arrives.

With elbows high. I am blindfolded. Co-incidence will guide my way.


Are you happy now? When you see things from one perspective, there's something missing. You need me to show you what it is.


I just want to figure out all by myself x 2


I can hear the sirens from the other side of the town. Any minute now the rain will sweep the streets. A bloke 6"3' is looking for a papersheet. Some people separate, some meet.

I can't feel content, yes, I am a monster, but could you think, I never was a part of your life.


Would you close that door and let me sleep tonight cause I'm so tired and there's nothing to explain. When the sunlight hits the floor, everything will be alright. (+ in the Final Chorus; Please say it once more, say that you'll forgive me although I don't deserve any of your love)

All this silence is making me feel ill. I play dead for the sake of our love. Take a shower and brush my teeth properly, wash away the dirt I brought in with me.


I better take a closer look at myself x 2 I better stop.



I want you to pay attention now. Stop sulking.

All i've said and done, is said and done alright. There's no point arguing.


I fell in love for the wrong reasons. I was chasing my demons.

All people cry once in a while. Life is complicated.

But you'll get by. You deserve all the luck, there is.


How can I behave like you want me to? And how can I fit the shoes of a lonely man? Our love is like a vapour trail, it fades out so slowly.

I need you to reason now, and take it slow

All I' ve said and done, is said and done Stop screaming.



From monday mornings to sunday evenings, the sun goes up the sky goes bleeding. Nothing in between, not a twinkle of your eye.

Everybody's happy when the time is right, it's no reason of being polite. They'll eat you to the bone. They'll just want to use you.

What did you take to become so tall, tonight?

Hello sunshine, what do you wish to be? Is your life a travesty?

I can't blame you for the way how they nailed you.

Remembrance of the holocaust. The world as we know it must be coming down fast. We are fallen, we are forgiven.

The minute the planets set up in a straight line, everything's forgotten, everything's fine. Our collective memory is clean.

Hello sunshine, what do you wish to be? Is your life a travesty?

I can't blame you, for the way how they've nailed you.

You'll see it through a broken lens. Shards of glass cut your hands. It might turn cruel. If you'll just burn your daylight

Our Father loves his children, too.


Just a good old taxiride in the days darkest hour. No place to go.

Driving around the streets I can call my own. Brokenhearted, the lights are low, departed, left alone.

Now all my rage and all my pain never feels the same.

Throughout all the years, and all my tears, we were fading out.

My chin unshaved. A less left to say. Day by day.

Day by day. Day by day. Day by day. Day by day...


Dependency is a two-way street from head to your feet. You want just once more but what you need is control.

These days are like birds. They fly over and you know it hurts just to see a life slip away. Now I say.


Do you want to stand alone all the time you have? Do you want to close your eyes?

Do you want to stand alone? You lost and tortured soul. Do you want to come back home?

Life is not in your hands. It lies in your tiny head and you should find it instead of wasting time away.

The poster on your wall is the key to it all. A tooth in baby's mouth at harvest time. Now I say!!


Life is not what you make it. You might be mistaken. Some people in this world even try to fake it.

Life is not what you make it. You are mistaken. It is how you represent it.



Baby's got her head in the sky - sky - sky. It's no big surprise. She's following the herd of the blind A contemporary sign.

So worn out that her legs won't move. They're stucked together with glue. But her head in the sky.


Here and now, coffee and painkillers make her groan. Why love let her down.

I don't mind. Everything's a mess, she's all alone. She let herself down.

Baby lost her sense of time - time - time now it's far behind. Still following the herd of the blind. Fall for the star that shines.

But her head in the sky.


I can't tell what she ought to do. I 'm not her everyday Jesus. I don 't know what she wants, I'm just as useless.

I can't tell what she ought to do. I 'm not her everyday Jesus. I don 't know what she wants, I'm just as helpless. She just makes me cry.

With her head in the sky.


Conversations over telephone. What can be understood and justified. What is right, what is wrong. How are they culturally defined?


I'm just an ordinary guy who can't define life. (I) ask today, (you) answer tomorrow How do you define life. Get a life, choose life, live your own life. How do you define life? (I) ask today, (you) answer tomorrow How do you define life.

Mediocracy is a compromise. Every second something from the inside. Don't cut down all the edges. Democracy is nonsense.


Conversations over moral issues. Non-equal liberty and the good old days. Nostalgia is propaganda. Everything you hear is a lie. It couldn't have been any better.



Foolish girl don't change your world. At your feet everything you will ever need. Please don't throw it away and spoil it with money.

The bluest sky, the deepest sea. In another life, the luxury will hide each and every lie. It will blow away your sun.


Still, in your eyes I can see fireflies. They are the only things alive. From that little girl with a hearth of fire. Who's turned into a pathetic liar.

I can see no way out here. And I don't know if I even want to try.

Silly girl, you changed your world. Now your eyes only see neon-lights and disease. There is no-one to cure your blindness.



How does it feel? is it unreal? When everything's dead and your eyes are blood red.

You are imagining things, listening how the little birds sing. No, I won't ever hurt you, never desert you.

If you want to forget me, you better learn how to fly. 'cause then I'll throw you through the window.

And you're so jealous of my friends. You make such a fool out of everyone.


I can't think of nobody else. For your replacement. You are my universe.

I can't think of nobody else. There is no substitute. You are my universe.

Did you succeed with your misery? No, don't blame me, blame your poor self-esteem.

You are my girl companion, yes you are. From cradle to the grave, together we'll stay.



Everything must fade away... some day. Our love can still remain up in the air floating.

Her shadow now walks hand in hand with mine. How can my innocence be interpreted as a crime?

Her face is a stain in my brain... so permanent. It can't be washed away with the rain. That pours forever and ever.

She used to light up her cigarettes with laser beams. She was almost too strange.


It's impossible to stay when my whole world turns to grey. Like a dead flower I decay.

This is more than I can bare far away from being fair. I wither when I'm not with her.

I have to confess that it I'm losing my mind. God, give me your guidance, give me the northern lights.



If my love was a leaf on the street, would you step on it? If my love was a carpet in your living room, so would you spill your coffee on it?


Everyday is full of light when you are young, but sky gathers clouds when you grow older. For God's sake now, hold your tongue and let me love. God I need some bulldog spirit that'd make me strong (to get through to her/day).

I've watched you for a long time from the distance and head over feet I've fallen for you. And I think I have a problem, it's a serious one. How can I break the news gently?


It could be the difference between our ages. Fifteen haunting years is a evil burden. It could be the scars, the scars on my face. (I'm) bended on my knees and hurting!



We can't stop drinking because we're too young. We'll never quit smoking, it's a part of (us) being accepted, not to get rejected. If we ever get some money, we'll spend it on hash. If you want to sleep with me, you'd better have some cold hard cash. (Everything is for sale)


We want to be seen and respected in your clubs, on your streets. We sleep in the subways for credibility. Come on and say it! You gotta recognize our faces.

This century is ours, it's a question of pride. The old generation might as well die. The heart of the city is our territory. We don't need your pities, don't need your sympathies. (Blasphemy is irony)


You left an empty space behind you. Just a hollow echo bouncing in and out the walls with my bleeding heart. If I could turn back the time, I guess I never could make it different for you. It's just the way I am.


This is a throwback, this is a comedown, this is a moment when my feet crash back on the ground. I love you, won't you come back again to be my shelter. I want to give in. I can never fit in (your plans). It's only my pride that saves me from sinking. I need you to come back again. To be my shelter.

I guess you have found yourself another friend. It could be that painter or the guy from your school. Now, catch a falling star. Time can never heal my wounds. You're a thorn in my side, a pain in my neck. You are my slow death.


© 1997, 1998 Sami Jylhä

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