Picture of Sami
Sami Jylhä - Vocals

PRUDENCE was formed at Helsinki in September 1996 by us, four students. We are from 21 to 27 years old and have gained lots of experience in playing at studios, gigs etc.

Our influences come from many different sources, probably beginning from The Beatles and ending up in 90's guitar orientated melodic pop/rock. However we tend to sustain our own personal and unique approach towards everything we do.

At the moment we have about 30 songs, which are composed by Jylhä, Väättänen and Ylinen. Lyrics are written by the singer S.Jylhä himself. The arrangements are put together by the whole band.

We recorded our first three song studio demo tape in April 1997, and second demo tape was recorded as soon as one month after the first recordings at Helsinki MD studios. We found us third time in the studio at Helsinki Harju in December 1997. With that studio session our goal was to publish our first self financed CD. Unfortunately, we didn't ever managed to get enough money to actually get the songs to the CD.

Since we still felt, that publishing something on our own is a good idea, we packed our instruments and went to Lahti to have our fourth studio session at 21st of September 1998. Our financial situation hadn't change a bit though. We got an idea to release vinyl EP instead of modern CD from Jude, who were invited to play steel guitar in one of our songs, "Let me Sleep Tonight". 10" Vinyl is probably the most beautiful audio format and well, a bit cheaper than CD.

Picture of Tapio
Tapio Väättänen - Guitar
Picture of Tero
Tero Rapo - Bass

So far we have played over twenty gigs in and around Finland, and they have all been truly successful. We are at our best playing live. Since our previous base player Janne decided to dedicate more and more of his time to his solo project Shady Jane, we were forced to look for a new PRUDENCE member. It's a bit hard to play live without a base player at all. After spending hours and hours in most of Helsinki's pubs, we found Ville, who started his PRUDENCE career at January 1999. Villes career was short but intensive and very rock star like. That is why we choosed to take our next base player from "pop" circles. Once there was a band called "Chichweed Wintergreen" and Tero was their base player. Nowdays there still exist some prudence and Tero is our base player.

Since half of the rhytm section was now changed again, why not change the other half too? That's what at least what happened, when we choose, that Matti should be playing drums with us.

The future goal of PRUDENCE is to keep on believing in ourselves and continue doing the hard work. All the best songs and gigs are yet to come...

Contact information:
e-mail: tav@iki.fi
www: http://www.iki.fi/tav/prudence/

Picture of Matti
Matti Lehikoinen - Drums

© 1998 Prudence

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