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Going to Cloud

  • Thursday, November 09 2017 @ 01:09 AM UTC
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General News
I'm not sure what I'm doing with this site. Last time I got it up and running was when I got my desktop computer running it to Canada. That time power supply was broken.

I ran this site on top of Ubuntu running VMware hypervisor running OpenBSD virtual machine. So basically this site was ran on OpenBSD running Apache http server for about a decade.

Then for whatever reason I decided to move this to GoDaddy hosted website. I kept all my other services and web sites still running on the virtualized OpenBSD. I havent been really writing here anything, except on what this site is running on top of.

So, I will keep this habit going on, and only write about what platform this site is running on. I just moved this to AWS EC2. I did also upgrade the blog platform and no, it's not running on OpenBSD anymore, but on modern Linux. But then, that was the case with GoDaddy I moved to couple of years ago anyway.

I'm moving everything away from my good old OpenBSD. As secure and lovely it has been, it has always been quite terrible otherwise. It crashes a lot. It might be secure, but it is not stable. It is also most terrible OS I've ever known to upgrade. I've run OpenBSD daily since 2004 or so.

I'm still going to run it, but I have to say, no matter how secure it is, it's not worth it. It's easier to move on to cloud and run Linux. Even if I need to upgrade more often, I can actually upgrade more often.

Before I decided to go Cloud, I actually tried once more to upgrade my physical machine. Lenovo ThinkCentre M57. I bought new motherboard. I was not able to get it going. Maybe I broke the new motherboard, the CPU was broken, or the replacement motherboard was DoA. Dunno, but I tried.