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Syncing your audio files with Amarok and Nokia E70

  • Friday, December 28 2007 @ 02:14 PM UTC
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Amarok comes by default on most Linux distributions. Amarok is great audio player and keeps your music organized as well. I have found Amarok very useful not only at home but also at work, since sometimes it's hard to concentrate to do any work when there's all annoying background noise on office. I feel better listening music when silence is not an option. On the road, on airplain for example, I like to listen same albums I do at home and work, but on long flights my laptop battery wont last long enough, so I have found listening music with my E70 a better solution. That is why I actually bought decent head phones which also blocks outside noise quite efficiently, so I'm able to relax better.

Amarok is also capable of syncing your audio files with Ipod or any other hand held digital audio player. Since many of the mobile phones are nowadays able to play audio files, they can many times be considered as portable audio players. I keep all my audio files on my E70 under directory /Sounds/Digital on external 2GB Memory Card. I have named my memory card as E70. You can change memory card name through Menu --> Tools --> Memory --> Memory card name as you can see below:

Next I needed to configure media device for Amarok. Since most Linux desktop distributions automatically mounts USB media devices, there isn't much to do. I named my memory card E70, so it will be mounted automatically under /media/E70. As I said earlier, I keep my audio files on E70 under /Sounds/Digital. I configured Amarok the way that it syncs all files under that directory. I also configured reasonable naming for the files, so E70 wont get confused. From Amarok I select Settings --> Configure Amarok --> Media Devices:

All I have to do now is to connect my E70 to my ThinkPad. Since audio files are quite large, I connect my phone tusing USB cable. After plugin the cable I need to select "Data transfer" mode as shown below:

My external memory card will now be mounted automatically under /media/E70. When I want to add some albums to my E70 from Amarok, I just right click on the album I want to transfer and select "Transfer to media device":

Next I choose Devices tab down on left corner. Allhtough my E70 is already connedted, I still have to press connect button on Amarok, to make Amarok aware, that the media device really is connected. When Amarok sees that there is /media/E70 directory, it's confident that everything is fine. From the Devices Tab I can see my transfer queue. Since that's fine I hit transfer button:

To see the new album on my E70 I still need to update my music library on E70 audio player. First I have to disconnect my phone, so I need unmount it properly before I disconnect the USB cable. The unmounting is done by right clicking E70 icon on my Gnome Desktop and selecting unmount. After disconnect I start my Audio player, select "Music library" and "Update Music library":

That's it. The album is on my E70 and I'm able to listen to it: