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Using Nokia E70 as Webcam on video conversation

  • Friday, August 03 2007 @ 11:44 AM UTC
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General News

I noticed following article about WWIGO:

N95 as a wireless webcam

Since WWIGO is S60 application, I decided to give it a try on my E70. Turned out that WWIGO is suitable to be used as handy wireless webcam.

The installation was just few clicks on Windows. On the end of installation application asked if I want to transfer WWIGO to my phone as well. It did it through bluetooth link. After transfer I found the SIS package on my SMS messages, which I thought was a bit weird. Anyway I managed to install the application to my E70 as well.

After I had installed WWIGO to both my laptop and phone, I first fired it up on laptop and after on the phone. Then I choose "connect" on WWIGO running on my phone. After bluetooth link was set up, I was able to watch video sent wirelessly over bluetooth from my phone to my laptop.

I started my video conversation application Ekiga and tried an Echo Test Call to my home Asterisk server. I could see my picture echoed back from the server to the application. Then I tried to call to my Linux box at home, which was running Linux version of Ekiga, and which also had a Webcam connected to it. I was using Linux box remotely through NX client, so I knew what was happening on the other end.

I was able to use my E70 as webcam on video conversation. Overall quality of the picture was not perfect, but that has something to do how I've set up Ekiga as well. Usually I don't give more than 100k bandwidth for video and I keep frame rate quite low as well.

I believe I will use WWIGO in the future, since we have only one webcam on our family and one needs to stay at home when I'm abroad.